The global pandemic has highlighted many climate justice emergency calls that have impacted vulnerable communities.

One of them has been the lack of affordable housing and since the pandemic there has been a 15% increase in homelessness.

Why is there a shortage of affordable housing?

One big reason is the price tag.

Energy & Cost Savings

  • NYC where I reside on average it costs $232,000 per family to provide emergency shelter.

  • This has an average daily operation and maintenance cost of 85 kbtu/sf. 

  • In contrast the prototype UnBoxed costs $60k to build and saves 77% in energy usage.

We are Unique

The thing that sets UnBoxed apart is it is an innovative disruptor.

The design merges 3D printing & prefabrication technology with Affordable construction to provide low cost and equitable solution.

Disrupts                                        Designs                        Empowers


UnBoxed is the manufacturing process that challenges traditional construction models in affordable construction.

The Magic

  • 500 SF unit.

  • Flexible kit of parts.

  • 50% of time saved while still meeting buildingcodes.

  • 90% utility bill savings.

  • Minimize the future living costs burden.


UnBoxed is scalable from prefabricated panel, to an ADU unit, to a multifamily.

  • It is constructed using FDM printing polycarbonate that uses recycled plastic forming the structure which is sandwiched with shredded newspaper insulation.

  • It is designed to the strict Passive house standards to save 90 % energy use.